Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love Hand Made

As some of you know, I love to sew and embroider now. I got the urge to do this after I had Kaylor and realized you can make such cute things! Like Kerry says, its healthy to have hobbies (but I think he just says that because he likes to hunt and fish all the time, ha ha). Not only do I love to make things myself and for other people, but I love to be given things that are hand made. They really mean so much to me because I know some one took the time to sew, paint, draw, and create something just for me. I appreciate the work that is put in to something. My Grandmother quilts and has every since I was little, and she quilts the pieces by hand! I cherish those quilts now more than I ever have because I know how long and hard she worked on them. I wanted to show some things I have received lately and also things I have made for others and Kaylor:

Here is a bow holder that my friend Carrie made me a couple of weeks ago. She painted Kaylor's name by hand, I never knew she was so good at this. I loved it! :

Here is a cubed pillow toy. This was made by my friend Alison (maggie moos mom) It has bells inside and Kaylor loves to throw it and chase it all the time. It is so soft and each piece was sewn together with an added "K" just for Kaylor:

Here is something else made by Alison that I love. It is a key chain, so cute! :

Here is a pillow I made for our friend Jaxon:

An Easter outfit for Kaylor to wear around:

And lately I have been finding shorts, skirts, and pants that Kaylor will be wearing this spring and making tops to match, its been fun! :

This is why I never get to bed early!! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

What A Face

We love Spring!! Since the weather has been so nice in the past couple of weeks, Kaylor just dies to go outside. When we open the back door to let Lexie and Bailey out you can hear two little feet take off across our house from wherever she is to the back door for a chance to go outside. She will throw a fit if we close the door without her getting to go.

Kaylor has also started making this certain face lately. Like when we go in to get her from her nap or she will be looking at you and then make this face for some reason. We call it her "angel face" because its like she uses it to make you think she never does anything wrong. Well, the other day my Mom saw her do it and she said "she looks just like you Courtney when you were little, you used to make that same face." My mom then found a picture of me making this face and I took a picture of Kaylor making it.

See what you think....

Here is Kaylor making the face:

And here is me making the same face:

Isn't that funny??

We also celebrated my birthday last week. It was a great day!! We went to go eat at the Spaghetti factory with my parents and brother. It has been a family tradition since I was like 10 years old.

Kaylor playing outside. What she loves to do!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Little Bailey

As some of you know, I have a malti-poo/maltese/bischon? Don't really know the breed, but who cares. I basically "rescued" my dog Bailey from a mean old lady that was not nice to her when I was 14 years old (12 years ago). She has basically been my 1st child throughout the years. I had her through all of high school, college, single life after college (a year), married life, and now she is still with me when I had my own child. I love Bailey!
Now all of you dog lovers understand how attached you can get to your dogs :)
However, I am a realist and understand that 12 years old in doggie years is getting on up there in age. Well this morning Bailey was trying to get down off of our bed and I usually help her down but I just let her do it herself for some reason today. Right after she landed she yelped very loudly and could not put pressure on her back leg. I knew something happened immediately. So me, Kaylor, and Bailey jump in the car and head towards the vet. After 2 x-rays and an exam we realized.....Bailey tore her ACL and Lateral Ligaments! I didn't even know dogs could do that! I thought that only happened during "human" athletics :) She pretty much blew out her knee. The vet thinks that there is a 90% chance that it will heal on its own, which is good news. But she can't really go up stairs, jump on anything, or go on our afternoon walks for 6-8 weeks :( !! But she is acting normal, just a little slow with her knee. Vet bills are also an unexpected expense when you have to go, so I was a little stressed about that today. I prayed about it and just thought "well at least we didn't have to do an expensive surgery, or they didn't tell me she was not going to make it". So this afternoon we were on our way to our weekly trip to Wal-Mart when we were passing our bank and Kerry told me to pull in because he had a message on his phone from a lady from our bank. He runs inside to see what she needed while I waited in the car. He comes back out and tells me that last time he was inside the bank he put his name in a drawing while he was waiting in line and he won!! We got a $100.00 Visa card!! What a blessing, especially on a day when I was stressed about spending money on a vet bill.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days:
I went in to check on her during her nap time and this is how I found her sleeping, feet on the head board, bunny in one hand and a blankie in the other. I'm trying to give her anything to grab on to instead on her hair, HA! :

Playing with her friends Aubrey and Blair Breakfield:

Getting ready to go outside and to the park. You can see that Lexie is dying to get out:

Kaylor petting Bailey after she tore her ACL. You can see her baby doll in her right hand. She loves that thing and goes and gets it when I ask her too :) I love this picture:

Kaylor eating her pasta and cheese, a little messy. She is getting so big.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had previously posted about us taking swim lessons. Well, our first class was this past Monday morning and it went great! (Excluding the fact that it was FREEZING). My friends Stacey (Kelvey) and Nicki (Harper) are in the class with us, and we all were wondering why it was so cold. It looks like we will be getting a wet suit.
I didn't bring my camera, but Nicki's husband caught some great pictures behind the glass as he watched the class and Stacey got one before class started. I'm so glad we have these pictures:

This is the one I took before we left for the class:

Kaylor and Kelvey getting ready to begin:

The swim instructor took Kaylor under for the first time,
this is her before he pulled her off the side in to the water. You just let them sink and then pull them back up, kind of scary for the first time :)

We are practicing her kicking, she didn't really get this one. Maybe she will get better :)

This is Kaylor floating. She did do good with this one. I'm only putting my hands on her forehead and chin. All of the babies in the class did good with this:

She was soooo tired. This lesson was during her nap time, so by the end she was laying down on me (she never snuggles, so I knew she was extremely tired):

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Week

We've had a busy week!! We went to some basketball games and have also been dealing with our family passing around some kind of stomach virus. Kaylor has had an upset stomach since last Wednesday, so I think we are finally going to the doctor tomorrow. I have called and they have told me to try some different things, but nothing seems to be working. It started last Wednesday morning when Kaylor woke around 5:00. I was already up pumping (yes, I am still breast feeding) so Kerry went to go get her. All of a sudden I heard "Courtney, come here". I knew this was bad because for one he doesn't ever call me Courtney and two I could tell by his voice. I walk in to her room and she is covered head to toe in diarrhea, along with her bed sheets. So I took her in the bathroom and start taking off her clothes while Kerry is holding her. As I am doing this Kerry is dry-heaving, literally, off to the side while he is still holding her. I am laughing and saying "you have got to get it together, its just your daughter and we have to get her in the bath." She gets cleaned, but I think it is so funny that Kerry still gets sick sometimes when the diapers are bad.
Besides that Kerry and I both had alumni games to attend this week. One to Belmont and one to Lipscomb. (Isn't that funny that we went to rival colleges and rival high schools (Hendersonville/Beech). Anyways, Kerry was asked to be in a 3 point shoot out with some of the players one night this past week so we went out to support him. It was fun and Kaylor got to run around on the floor and play with basketballs.

My husband in action :) :

Here is Kaylor with Andy Wicke. Andy played for Kerry at Hendersonville and now he is plays for Belmont:

Here is Kaylor with some the players:

She loves to pick up basketballs and carry them around or attempt to bounce them. We don't want her to like basketball at all do we (ha):

On Saturday it was alumni day at Lipscomb. Here is Mimi with Kaylor watching the game:

Some of my old teammates after the game. I wish we could all hang out more often: