Monday, April 27, 2009

Daddy Mowing

When Kerry mows the grass Kaylor loves to go sit at the door and watch him. Well today I was picking up around the house and I kept hearing her say "hi" like every 20 seconds. I went to the front door and Kaylor was waving to Kerry everytime he drove by. I thought it was so funny so I ran to get the video camera. I got some of it on video so I thought I would share.
I have also been saying the "A,B,C's" to her from books and just in general. She loves to say "B" and "C". She didn't really do it on camera, but that was what we were attempting to do at the end of the video. I wanted to cut it out of the video, but couldn't figure it out. She sounds so country when she says "B" (wonder where she gets that from). :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Girls and their baby dolls!

Kaylor got a new baby doll and stoller for her birthday. She loves to find her doll and put it in to her stoller and push it around (like mommy!!) I love seeing her push her doll and stroller around the house!She also likes to push her new mower. I took it outside the other day so the noise of it spinning as it is pushed was a little bit more tolerable :)
Spring time means flowers are blooming!! So I had to get a picture of Kaylor with the thrift at Gram's house:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kaylor's 1st Year!!!!

Oh how I love Birthdays! Kaylor officially turned 1 today! I had such mixed emotions about it. I'll have to be honest and say for the most part that I felt sad today because Kaylor is not a "baby" anymore, she is a year old!

Being today the day that she was born also brought back memories of me having her this time last year and what I was going through. Throughout the day I would look at the clock and think "this time last year I was having her," "This time last year I was not feeling so good." To spare you the details, let me just say that I did not have an easy time getting her here. I had a couple of Baptist nurses and one doctor tell me that I was "the unluckiest patient they have ever had!" WHAT!?! The baby factory hospital told me that they have never had a patient have this much stuff go wrong with a woman in labor before?!? Kaylor was a week old before we all got to go home and she had even gained weight while she was there, which the pediatrician said that was a first too!! I didn't get to change Kaylor's diaper for the first time until she was a week old and then I didn't do it again until weeks later after that. I had no energy, my friends were not allowed to visit by doctors' orders (after the 2nd day), I was on TONS of medicine, and then I was told I had to have surgery in the months to come--it was a rough time!! But I am saying all this to say that it was seriously worth EVERY MINUTE of being scared, in pain, and exhausted. I can remember different doctors coming in (for different reasons) throughout the week while I was in the hospital telling me the "plans" for some things and I really only broke down one time. But I remember telling Kerry "at least Kaylor is healthy, it really could be worse". I would endure it all over again to know she was ok.

But enough with the drama stuff, since then I found out about a month ago that I DON'T have to have surgery!!! I was actually the 2nd patient ever to heal with what I had and I am fine! And when people ask "are you ready for another one" I can imagine the face I have with the words of "no, not anytime soon" come out of my mouth :) I need time to forget!!

However, today was GREAT!! We spent some great family time together. I baked a cake and then we all headed to the zoo!! I really thought that Kaylor wouldn't get to see much, but she actually did!!! She noticed a lot of the animals when they were on her level and she was in such a great mood all day!!!

Here are some pics from today:

Running around outside before we left. She LOVES being outside!!!

We planted this tree the week she was born. We thought it would be neat to always come back to it and know we planted it then and see how much it will grow over the years:
With Daddy leaving the zoo. She is such a Daddy's girl!!

I also thought I would post some pictures of her throughout this year to show you how much she has changed!!! It's amazing to look back at these pictures.

This was her a couple of days old in the hospital:

Here she is when we got home from the hospital:

Here are 2 pictures where Kaylor was 1 month old:

Here she is at 3 months old:

Here she is at 4 months:

6 months:

9 months:

And at 1 year old!!!!

Oh how time flies!! It has been such an AWESOME year!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kaylor's 1st Birthday Party!!!!

We had a PERFECT day for Kaylor's first birthday party!!! It was a great turnout with almost 40 people! (We have a big family). The party was at Mimi's house (my mom's) and it was a perfect place to have it. I didn't realize how many little things you have to remember when it comes to planning a party. I took a TON of pictures, but I will try to narrow it down to just a few :)
I really didn't know what to do for a "theme". Well until I started planning her party, I didn't even know about themes or all of the other things that you do when planning a birthday party. So I decided to just do a polka-dot theme?? Well, to me that meant add some polka-dots to the invitations, cake, and some where in the decorations. Here is Kaylor's invitation that I used:

Here is the Birthday Girl!!

Here is the deck and the new pool at my Mom's house. I have to brag on my Dad and say that he built the brick columns, fence (thats not done), and the deck all on his own!!!

We had some GOOD Bar-b-que from Whitts!!!

She got so many great presents!!

Her yummy cake and smash cake!!

With the hat (that she refused to wear) and the bib that I made her:

Some of the guests:

Miley and Hudson

Ashley with my Dad and the "recreational" area thanks to Kristen and Marcie :) Its good to keep kids busy!

Jaxon loving the balls!

Trying to get a picture of Addison and Kaylor. They did not want to sit still:

With Mamaw (my grandmother):

Cousin Austin and Aunt Christy

Blow out the candle!!

She dove right in and said "Mmmmmmm" after she tasted the icing and cake!!

Opening presents!! She loved her Elmo Live that she got:

With my family:

Of all the things, she loved the ice from the party tub. She wouldn't leave it alone!!

Kaylor with all of her presents:

Here is the present from Mimi and Pops. Her first table and chair set!! You can see that she loves it!! Thanks Mimi and Pops!

Kaylor was worn out!!! She went to bed at 6:30 that night and slept until 7:00 the next morning!! She then took a 3 hour nap today! She never sleeps like this-promise! We had such a fun day with family and friends!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Little Turkey

Well Turkey hunting season has officially started. Kerry has been going a lot and yesterday he was able to kill one. He was so excited to get Kaylor in the picture with him and the turkey when he came home with it. (I have been replaced :) ) I am going to try to go with him sometime soon so I can get another shot at one (it really is fun). Here is Kerry with both his pride and joys:

We have been taking Kaylor on wagon rides lately. Aunt Christy gave her a radio flyer at Christmas and Kaylor LOVES to ride in it! She just sits still and looks around while we pull her through our neighborhood, it even came with a backing for her to sit against and a seat belt. Its a great thing to have if your wanting to mix it up from a stroller:

Daddy pulling her:

She doesn't even want to get out when we stop. She just sits there (which is unusual):