Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Have Moved

Wow, we have been so busy with this move. I didn't know how hard it actually would be moving with a child, but it was. I feel like the boxes are never ending and I still feel so unorganized. I wish we could have closed on the house when Kerry and I were both off in July, but that's how it worked out :( We just have to work around our schedules.
We absolutely love it though!! We added a lot of things that we have always wanted in a house and as of now I have no regrets on our choices. The building process was actually so much fun for us and we loved every minute of it. I honestly can say we did not argue one time with making choices. I think we both have the same personality and we both have the same taste in what we want so that made the decisions easy to make.

Here are some pictures of our new home:

Here is a view from our back yard. The builder is putting sod on it next week and we're going to do a fence in the near future:

Our Master Bedroom:

Master Shower:

Master Tub: This is the living room opening up from the kitchen:

Eating area and NEW kitchen table (this is the only new thing I have bought for the house):


Living Room again from standing at the turn of the stairs:Kaylor's Room:Guest Bathroom (one of my favorite rooms) because I did the black cabinets with a granite I like. I was too nervous to try this combo in the kitchen. I now have to find a good shower curtain for this bathroom:

We can't wait to start making memories in our new home.