Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines

We had a great Valentine's Day. Kerry surprised me with some money to go get some jeans I have been wanting (because he could not pick them out), a cookie bouquet (my favorite), and some other little things that I have been wanting. I got him a good turkey call for the hunting season coming up. I know that sounds kinda redneckish, but I am practical with my gifts :)

We went to go eat at Septembers Cafe, which was pretty good (but not good enough for the price) and to go see the movie "Valentine's Day". The movie was a cute date night type of movie. I'm sure if you have seen the previews that you know Taylor Swift was in the movie. Well Taylor went to Hendersonville High School, where my husband teaches and coaches, so he saw her a lot before she became really famous. Kerry never had her in class so he really didn't get to know her very good. However, Kerry's co-worker had her in class and he was her favorite teacher, Mr. Schwabe. This past year she offered Mr. Schwabe a GREAT job as the head of her security while she travels. So he quit his job at Hendersonville and now travels with her. In the movie we noticed that her teacher was named "Mr. Schwabe" and that the high school her and Taylor Lautner went to was "Henderson High School". We thought it was a little coincidence. I always tell Kerry I wish he had her in class because maybe she would have hired him as her backup singer or something :) (just kidding).

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
Here are some pictures of my Valentines :

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Around The House

We have been doing a lot of staying home lately with the weather and snow days. It is easy to get cabin fever with an almost 2 year old in the house. Kaylor has only been to mother's day out twice since Christmas because of her getting the stomach virus and snow days. She is definitely ready to get back in to a routine.
My child is always wanting to go "bye bye". When she wakes up in the morning she asks to leave. I really just think she is that type of kid that can not stay home every day. She wants to always be around other kids and entertained at all times. She does not play well by herself. Her favorite things are to go to school and to the gym (Daddy's basketball games).
Well Barney has been a life saver for entertainment lately. I don't understand the obsession with a purple dinosaur, but she LOVES HIM! I'm sure it is just a phase and she will move on to another show soon. I took a picture today of her dancing and singing to the plane song on one of the episodes:
Here is a picture I took of us when Kerry and I had a date night last week. We try to have a date night with just the two of us once a week, and the grandparents definitely don't mind keeping her :)

I also wanted to mention this article that I recently came across about house blinds/shades. This article was discussing how dangerous blinds are for your baby, toddler, and child. The first thing I thought when I read this is "Oh great, something else to worry about with your child." (The way they make everything so dangerous these days I sometimes wonder how any children survived when our grandparents were little.) But seriously, I watched this home video that was linked to this article that accidentally caught this woman's son on video being strangled by their own blind cord. The child ended up being fine, but it was crazy to see this! You can read a website here that is completely dedicated to this. There have been almost 800 kids killed by house blinds alone! It made me realize that I didn't even think about this throughout my house and also where I positioned Kaylor's baby bed. Thankfully it is not near a window, but it never crossed my mind when I was choosing a spot for her bed. So if you are a mom, soon to be mom, or babysitter this is just something to remember at your home. I ended up tying all of my cords up top and rigging them to stay very far from the ground. The article said the worst part with this is that it is obviously silent and you never know when your child is playing with these. Just something else to think about and be aware of on top of the many other things when having children in your house.