Sunday, November 29, 2009


How I LOVE the Holidays!
Thanksgiving came and went so fast this year. I think once you have a kid, time seriously speeds up.
Thanksgiving was spent in town this year and we had so much food! We got to visit with a lot of family, play games, relax, and eat, eat, eat!
On Black Friday I did not attempt the crazy crowds! I went the past couple of years, and if you have never been shopping in the early a.m. on Black Friday, let me tell you it is an experience!
Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving:
Kaylor getting ready to go inside to enjoy lunch at Grams house...

Enjoying a deviled egg...

Uncle Conner was in town....

Shooting some hoops at B's....

Also, I know it is getting time for Christmas (yay!!) and that means Christmas Cards. I just wanted to tell you about my friend Dana's etsy store. You can get designed Christmas cards (or any other card) just how you like it. Basically you tell her what you want, or you can pick out one of her designs, and she creates your card. They are very cute and affordable! I have been using her for over a year and love her work!

Here is an example:

You can find her store here

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bathtub Video..

It has been a while since I have posted a video. I figured for our family and friends that do not get to see her much, you can really see how much she has grown. I filmed this the other night when Kaylor was refusing to get out of the bathtub. She likes to just lay down in the tub when it is time to get out because she does not want you to pick her up. Oh and Kaylor calls our dog "Sexy" not "Lexie". Just so you know our dogs name is not "sexy" :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another day at the park

What beautiful weather we've had for November!  I'm still loving the fact that I can go outside and to the park and it not be freezing.  The other day we had fun with some friends of ours, Miley and Hudson.  The kids were loving the playground and of course we could not leave without visiting the ducks at the lake:

Holding Hands with Miley as they cross the bridge:

With Hudson and Miley looking at the ducks:


We hope this weather stays around a little longer!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comfy Covers in the works....

   I have been working on a little project for a while now... 
Some of you may know that I started sewing/embroidering little things for Kaylor and friends over a year ago and I have grown to LOVE it.  Well, one of my favorite things that I made about a year ago was a shopping cart/high chair cover.  When I was looking for a cover, I could not find one that was thick and cute.  So, I decided to make one.  After some changes and creating a good pattern that worked perfect for a mom, I have created one that I love and I think other moms would love too. 
Here is my sample:  

Cover on the high chair:

My first batch of them is in the process of  being done.  I have a boutique that has committed to sell some of them, so I am excited about that!  There are about 8 choices of fabric right now, all designer, which makes the quality of them so nice!  They are also super thick, easy to wash and dry, have their own seat belt system (so you don't have to use the ones that are attached to the cart), and most importantly it helps keeps all of those germs off of your child!
I will also be selling them myself along with a local boutique .  So think....shower gifts and christmas!  They will be professionally packaged and ready to wrap :)  If you want to put in a pre-order for one you can email me at  for more details.
 It will be about 4 weeks before my first group is done.  I will post later when they are ready!
I'm so excited about this because it is something that I love to do!

Here are some of the options you will see in some future covers.
 If you like one of these just let me know through email:
                             Carnival                                   Daisy (pictured)

                             Zoology                                                Blue Disco

                            Pink Disco                                           Damask

                                        Lolli Dot                                           


Multi Colored Disco Dots
(can line with blue/pink depending on gender)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


What a fun Halloween we had this year!  Every year we go to my sister-in-laws to trick or treat, its such a  great neighborhood.  She said that her house probably got over 500 trick or treaters!! Seriously, there are so many kids through this neighborhood.  Kaylor had fun with some of her friends, but she was ready to go by the end.  We were a little cold and tired. 
She was a lady bug this year..... 

Notice Lexie squeezing her head in between us and smiling :)

With Gram

Pappy and B

Kaylor and Jaxon

Michael Myers, SCARY!!

With Aunt Christy

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!