Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Kaylor is such a daddy's girl! Every morning she wakes up she calls for "Daddy" to come and get her out of bed. If Daddy is not home, she always asks where he is. She will also ask him to snuggle all the time in the bed (which I love to hear her ask him). She will go "snuggle for a second Daddy?" We both know that question won't be around forever, and he always says yes to her. Kerry is also a huge hunter, particularly a turkey hunter. He loves to go find wildlife in fields as he is driving, so of course he shows Kaylor all the time. At least every other day Kaylor will come home from riding with him and say "we saw turkeys!" or "we saw deer!" She also will go around the house with a turkey call and make the noise like Kerry does.

Kerry can't wait to take her hunting for the first time or fishing for the first time. He is already planning to get her the lifetime hunting license that you can get a child before they are 3 years old. So I think she will always be his little girl ;)

This was after Kerry killed a turkey this year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kaylor turns 2!!!

I am a little late for posting Kaylor's 2nd Birthday. I accidentally deleted all of my pictures that I took on her birthday, I have never been so mad at myself!! It is the worst feeling to know you deleted something you can't get back!! Thankfully, my mom took some pictures so that I have some to share and keep.
I can't believe Kaylor has already turned 2!! We had her party on her birthday, April 8th, this year. We rented the play area at First Baptist in Hendersonville, and it was perfect for all the kids to play in.
Here is her invitation made by my friend Dana. If you ever need invitations, cards, etc. she is great at custom designing anything you need! Here store is here.

Kaylor waiting for her party to start:

Kaylor running out of the slide:

Miley playing:

We tried to get a group shot of the kids, but some were missing and some were not looking at the camera, oh well:

Kaylor about to blow out her 2 candles:

Jaxon about to leave Kaylor's party:

Kaylor giving Kelvey one of her side hugs as she was leaving:

We can't believe we have a 2 year old now!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This Easter was the first time Kaylor could actually understand an easter egg hunt and know she was getting a easter basket. When I asked her what she wanted from the Easter Bunny, her answer was always "paper". She LOVES to draw so she wanted some more blank sheets of paper to draw on. (She also chooses to draw on our back door and floor with markers, but thankfully after some elbow grease those drawings were cleaned up). We were invited to an easter egg hunt from a boy in her class at school. It was such a cute party, with a real easter bunny, face painting, and tons of toys for the kids to play with. Here are a couple of pictures from the party: Before church on Easter Sunday we got ready early and planned on some extra time for pictures. It took a lot of tries because we had to use the timer, but we finally got some family pictures with everyone looking at the camera. My favorite picture of us got our dog walking in the middle of it (of course) but I'm still going to share it:

Here is Kaylor Easter Morning putting on her bunny ears:

This is Kaylor's Easter basket. Let me just quickly mention that she is obsessed with Hot Wheels and cars!! We even recently got a hot wheels track that goes across our entire living room, but that's for another post. So her basket was hot wheels, paper, and peeps. I have a low maintenance child :)

As I mentioned earlier, our plan was to have plenty of time to take pictures and make it to church on time, but of course it didn't happen. As we went outside to take pictures, Kaylor fell and skinned her knee up, which we didn't even know was skinned up because she got right back up and took off running. So as we are done taking our last picture I look at Kerry and see blood all over his Easter shirt inside his jacket and Kaylor has blood all on the inside of her new Easter dress. Then I am taking Kerry's shirt to the laundry room and Kaylor comes running by and trips over my feet and busts her chin on the floor. It didn't bleed, but it was a bad bruise and strawberry. We finally make it in to church with a bloody dress and a bruised chin. The life of having a 2 year old!

On Sunday afternoon we went over to my parents house for another Easter Egg hunt and some lunch. Here are a couple of pictures from there:

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping Trip

We went camping for the first time with Kaylor last week at Fall Creek Falls. We were a little nervous to go with a 2 year old in a tent over night, but it actually turned out great! The weather was perfect and she loved playing with the other kids that were there with us. (We did have 2 people we were with go to the hospital on 2 different days, but besides that it went great).
Growing up, my family vacations were going to Fall Creek Falls in a pop up camper, so it felt like home to me :)
Here are some pictures from the trip:
Here we are getting ready to leave, Kaylor loves to get in the driver's seat:

Popping her head out of Clancy's tent:

Here is our campground area with all of the tents and campers set up. There were 2 other campers across the street with the group we were with:

Enjoying a swing:Here is Kelvey and Kaylor on the playground:

Here is a picture of all the kids we went camping with. This is definitely gonna be one of those pictures we will bring back out when they are all in high school and show them :)

Can't go camping without making some good smores:

And the smores are a little messy:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mom's Surprise 50th Birthday!

We had a surprise 50th birthday lunch for my mom last Saturday. It all turned out great and almost everyone came. We had about 20 of her close friends and family there. She had no idea that we were having the party and it was a very good lunch :)
My mom has done so much for me over the years, and this was the least that I could do for her.
Mom, I hope you had a great 50th birthday and we all love you so much!! Thanks for being such a great person, friend, and mom!


Yummy cake that our friend made!

Blowing out her candles!

With some of her best friends...

Halle was my flower girl and I have known her since she was born. KK reminds me of so much of Halle and I hope she turns out to be just like her :)

The Family...