Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have been having a great start of the school year so far! Kaylor is loving Mother's Day Out. Her teachers tell me she is doing great and they can't believe how much she eats. (It is crazy sometimes how much she does eat). She is NEVER full. I really believe she could eat any time of the day. She has been that way since the day she was born.

I also feel like she is learning new words everyday. Sometimes she will say a word and I wonder where she learned it. They just get big so fast!!

Here she is on Labor Day not wanting to take off her sunglasses. She asks for them all the time to wear around the house or outside:
She also loves to read books out loud in the chair. I can't understand what she is saying, but she talks like she knows what she is saying. It's funny to watch:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

County Fair

We went to the fair last Friday night and had such a great time! I didn't really know how Kaylor would do, but she actually loved it!! Her favorite thing was seeing all the different animals, well actually the ducks, which she calls "quack, quacks".
Pictures from the fair:
Loving the balloons, as always:
Walking with "B" and "Papy".
She doesn't call my mom Mimi, she decided to call her "B". All of her m words she uses a b sound. So now Mimi is just "B" Oh well!

Kaylor enjoying some shaved ice:

Can't leave the fair without having a funnel cake!