Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like Father Like Daughter

The other day Kerry and I were looking through some pictures that his Granny had and we came across one of Kerry when he was 9 months old. When I saw it, it reminded me of a picture we had of Kaylor. One day before Christmas I went to my moms to pick her up after work and my mom had taken her to get a Christmas picture made and surprised me with it.
I thought they resembled each other in these,
their smiles are identical:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trish Hodgson

It seems pretty sad that I am writing about another person that has passed away in the past couple of weeks, but I couldn't go without saying how awesome this lady was. Mrs. Trish Hodgson was my physical education advisor and teacher at Lipscomb. She was awesome!! She passed away from ovarian cancer, and she did not go with out a fight. She tried everything, but stayed very positive through it all. She was only 58 years old, and actually started women's athletics at Lipscomb. She taught me SO MUCH and gained respect from many with how well she taught and coached. She was the most ATHLETIC woman I can honestly say I have been around. She would beat everyone in our classes in any sport-seriously. She was a Canadian Olympic badminton player and she would hit the birdie so hard we couldn't see it. When we were doing double dutch during our jump rope lesson, she would jump right in with us. Guys around campus would make appointments to play her in raquetball, badminton, tennis, etc. and they would ALWAYS lose.
Besides the fact that she was an incredible athlete, teacher, and coach, she also taught us how to be a godly person. She loved the Lord and you could see that in everything she did. I am fortunate that I was her student and friend. Everyone celebrated her life yesterday and it turned out great. She was definitely loved and she will be missed greatly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

9 months

Over a week ago, we had Kaylor's 9 month check up. Wow-9 months old!! Believe it or not I have already been thinking about her 1st Birthday!!! WHAT?!? Where does time go? Well, her checkup went very good, excluding the long wait we had for some reason. She is still very tall for her age and about 75 in weight. Here were her measurements:
Height: 30 inches tall (not on the chart)

Weight: 20 lbs. (75 percentile)

I was always tall for my age, and I hated it until I was in high school and it came in handy playing sports. I'm only 5'9" (which thats the height the doctor predicts Kaylor will be) But I remember as a child the teacher would ask us to line up from shortest to tallest for yearbook pictures and I HATED IT!! I would be the last person in line because I was the tallest in the class, behind all of the boys, and I would argue that I was actually shorter than them (which I knew I wasn't).

Oh well, hopefully Kaylor won't feel the same that I did if she is tall for her age. :)

Besides that, Kaylor is still trying so hard to walk.
She has gotten 8 steps in a row so far.
So maybe within a month or two she will get it completely!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Unfortunately this week we lost Kerry's grandmother at 88 years old. She was such a kind-hearted and thoughtful lady who will be missed very much. Even though there is not any time that is a good time to lose someone, we know she is much more comfortable now.
Some interesting things about Granny Cherry:
1. She has never driven a car, EVER!
It wasn't because she physical couldn't, she just never learned.
Somehow she found a way to get everywhere she needed to be.

2. Sometime in the last 10 years someone tried to break in to her house. Instead of getting scared, calling the police or her son next door, or hiding under a bed (like I would do) she decided to get a shotgun, go to the window where he was trying to get in and say "I will blow your head off if you don't leave". The guy took off running.

3. She made by far the BEST homemade strawberry jelly that could ever be eaten. Our friends would always ask for some jelly in the jars when that time of year came to make it. I want some right now just talking about it.

She will be missed.
Granny visiting when Kaylor was born:
Celebrating her 88th Birthday this year:

Kaylor with Granny and Gram at Christmas a couple of weeks ago:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Playing

Kerry and I were talking about how fast time goes once you have a child. It seemed like it took forever when I was pregnant for 9 months to go by and for Kaylor to get here, but now that she is 9 months old it seemed like she was born yesterday. I try to cherish every day with her and every stage she is in. I really don't want her to be in the next stage, there is no hurry for me.
We all have so much fun together.

She wants to walk so badly, but continues to fall down every time. The most she has done is 5 steps by herself, which we were proud of. But like I said, she can take all the time she wants. I think its cute seeing her crawl all over the house and when she sees us coming behind her she crawls in super speed and starts laughing because she doesn't want us to catch her. She loves saying "Hey!" and waving to everyone too. She actually likes to say "Hey Daddy" to everyone, but she needs to learn that everyone she sees is not Daddy. Oh well.

Here are some pictures since Christmas.
With my Dad swinging.

What I called the "carrot" as a kid. I wanted my mom to do this to me all the time in the tub. Now its Kaylor's turn.

Her toy that she likes to push around downstairs.
I went in to Old Navy and Kerry and Kaylor went shopping at Dicks the other day. I come back to the car and Kaylor is playing with a new ball in her carseat because Kerry said she "wanted it". Uh huh :)
She does like to throw/push balls though, we don't want her to like sports or anything :)