Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas '09

We had a great Christmas this year! The break really hasn't seemed like a break because of going to 6 Christmas' between our families, but it is always good to visit and see everyone. Santa brought Kaylor a new kitchen, which she loves, and some little people sets. Kerry bought me a navigation system that I am really liking too. Those things amaze me! I got Kerry a blackberry, which was a complete surprise to him. I am introducing him to the tech. world. He starting texting a couple of months ago for the first time (yea, unbelievable huh!?) and of course started doing it a lot. So I knew if he gave a blackberry a chance, he would love that too. I do have a very funny story to share with you about me getting him this blackberry....I had his blackberry wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and then I thought on Christmas Eve how cool it would be for him to open it up on Christmas morning with it working. So I somehow got out of the house on Christmas Eve with the wrapped gift and his phone (without him knowing) to go make the switch. I get to Verizon, and it was very busy in there of course, holding my nicely wrapped gift :) I explained to the guy at the front that I wanted to transfer one phone to the blackberry that was in the package. He said "Oh yeah, we can do that right now for you". Well I was not expecting him to just tell me right then he could do it, I usually wait 20 minutes before they call my name. My plan was to unwrap the gift as I waited, and I didn't want to unwrap it before I went in there just in case they couldn't do it or the wait was too long. So I started to unwrap the gift in front of the sales clerk and we are both laughing because I'm standing in the middle of the very crowded Verizon store opening a gift. When I get the gift unwrapped I open the box that I (thought) I wrapped his blackberry in. When I opened the box I pulled out 2 pair of UNDERWEAR!! Yes, I grabbed the wrong present as I was hurrying out the house and of course I grabbed the present with the annual boxers gift that I give my husband. The verizon worker and myself were just dying laughing, and no telling how many other people that were watching in that packed store that were laughing as well. I didn't grab the hunting camera, or shirt and tie present, I grabbed the underwear! This is something that would definitely happen to me! :)

Well, enough talking, I will post some pictures from our Christmas. Hope all of you had a great Christmas!
Christmas Morning:

Kerry opening his blackberry, not his underwear :)

With Gram and her cousins Ryan and Austin:

With B:

Cousin Emerie:

Working a puzzle with Aunt Cathy and Aunt Linda:

The Boynton Family:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Take 10...

We attempted to take a picture of our family for the Christmas Cards this year. It is hard to get a 20 month old and a dog to look at a camera at the same time, so it took multiple tries. I really missed Bailey (my old dog) during the picture time. I am so used to putting on her reindeer antlers and her red Christmas sweater for the annual picture :( I sometimes get really sad when I am putting Kaylor to bed too, because we had a nightly routine of having Lexie and Bailey going in to her room with us and putting her down. Now it's just Lexie in there with us.
Here are some pictures of us trying to take the pictures and then our actual Christmas Card:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Last week, Sesame Street Live came to town and my mom and I decided to take Kaylor. She loves sesame street, especially Abby and Elmo, so I thought she might like it. She ending up loving it, but by the very end she was ready to leave. I realized though at the end that I think she thought we were just watching a big t.v. because she kept saying "bye bye tv". I was thinking "great, after spending money on tickets and taking her she just thinks we're watching sesame street on a big screen" :) Oh well, it was cute show.

Watching the show:

In front of my mom's tree before we left: