Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Real Snow Day!!!

The weatherman finally got it right....WE GOT SNOW!! We got a lot of snow yesterday and today to make for some GREAT sledding. If you are not from Tennessee, then you would not understand how everyone freaks out when the mention of snow is said around here. The grocery stores are slammed, salt is scattered on the roads immediately, sleds can not be found anywhere and news stations are scattered around middle tennessee with updates of pictures and videos of the accumulation (which is usually like 1/2" if that). However, today Nashville got anywhere from 3-10 inches depending on where you lived!
Today I felt like a kid again when I woke up. I couldn't look outside fast enough and then go get Kaylor and Kerry to layer up for our sledding. We had family and friends come over to sled, eat soup, play cards, make snow cream, and sled some more! What a fun day! It was Kaylor's first good snow and she loved the sledding. Here are some pictures:

Getting bundled up to go outside:

The family ready to go:

On the sled ready to go down our hill:

The Waylands:
Kerry pulling Kaylor back up our hill for another ride:

She liked to lay on her stomach:

Jaxon was worn out after a fun day in the snow:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Day...if you want to call it that

Well we were anticipating a big snow last week and this is what we got...
Of course, the weather people were a little off like always, but we will take what we can get. I love when the whole family is home together during the weekdays. Kaylor loved the snow and did not want to come in. However, the weather people were right about the temperatures, they were frigid, and we did not stay out very long in our dusting of snow.

During these cold and "snowy" days, I decided to clean out some closets. Kaylor loved my old shoes that I threw out of the closet because she could wear them around the house all day: saying cheese for the camera: