Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swimming and Thumb Sucking

Well I finally got Kaylor in the pool for the first time this summer. We went to Aunt Christy's house in the late afternoon so we could enjoy the warm water and not worry about getting sun burned. Kaylor loved the water!! The minute we put her in the pool she was just smiling and kicking her feet from being excited under the water. We had fun!

She has also been getting in the habit of sucking her thumb lately. Every time I see her doing it I pull it out and put in her pacifier. But she still always tries to find that thumb! She usually only does it when she is napping or going to bed at night though. I'll post some pics from this week:
Our first swim together
Napping, and you can see where she spit the pacifier out under her hand.

Again on her bebe seat

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I finally did it! I finished my Master's last week!! It was such a great feeling after I mailed my portfolio to my professor last Monday. I have been working on it for 18 months and you never think you will get to that last course, but I did! Kerry, Kaylor, and I went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate after we left the post office from sending my work :)
Besides that, I have been enjoying the extra time around the house. Before, I would be watching videos or writing papers on my free days, but I guess you could say now the house stays cleaner and I'm now caught up with laundry on a regular basis :)
Kaylor is getting so big. She has been teething for a couple of weeks now. I know this is early because she is only 3 1/2 months old. Her teeth are not through the gums yet, but you can see them coming in. She has been a little bit more fussy and so much drool!! I have been giving her a cold teething ring and it always makes her feel so much better. She also rolled over for the first time on Thursday!! She was playing on her mat and I happened to look down at her from the couch and she just rolled over completely to her tummy!! Of course since then she has not done it again after many attempts with the video camera and her dad watching. But I was so glad to see it--it's funny how excited I got when she did roll over though. I will hopefully get it on video soon and post it on here.
Since many of you are unable to come over to our house, I will post a picture of the 20 x 24 collage that Josh Harris got printed for me after her 3 month photo shoot. The picture does not show how good it looks in person. Josh did her pictures and we met him and Alison for dinner the other night and picked up all of the pictures I ordered. Let's just say I went straight to Hobby Lobby after dinner to get it framed because I could not wait the next day to see it up in our house. Hobby Lobby let us stay 30 minutes after closing so they could finish the frame. We love it!!
Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks:
After my Master's I ate some cookies from the 'cookie bouquet' that my Mom got me!!
The picture collage in our house.
The teething ring and bebe pod seat that she loves!
And of course the 'after the bath' picture. We always have to take these :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

3 Months and 4th of July!

What a busy summer we have had so far! I am having so much fun with Kaylor that time is flying by. This past week has been extremely busy. On Thursday we went to visit my Grandmother, Aunt/Uncle, and Cousins in Dunlap, TN. We drove up and back in the same day and boy were we all exhausted. The next morning we got up and went to visit Kerry's Aunt/Uncle and all the other family in Mt.Juliet for a 4th of July picnic. By today Kaylor was soooo tired. She has slept so much, but it was great seeing all of the family and I know everyone enjoyed seeing Kaylor.

Last Sunday we went over my good friend Alison's house for Kaylor's 3 month pictures. What a great family and awesome time we had there. Josh did so good taking her pictures and we all had fun making them. Let me just say that Kaylor pooped 3 TIMES and wanted some food during the shoot!! But they were so great they just laughed about it. I just got the pictures from the photo shoot and man I love them! Josh does a great job plus you feel so relaxed doing them with him.

I'm going to add some pictures from the busy week.