Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Mom Advice

Frequently, I catch myself thinking "I wonder what other moms do about this". So I thought I would post some things that other moms could respond to and give their advice on.

1. How do you open the plastic containers of vegetables and fruit without tasting the food yourself? I end up opening the containers with my mouth because its too hard with my fingers and almost every time I do this, baby food shoots in to my mouth. I now know why Kaylor makes her funny faces.
2. Do you just wake up your child every time they fall asleep in their car seat when its time to get out of the car? It is so hard for her to take naps at home, but the minute I put her in the car, she is asleep. Then 5 minutes later I get somewhere I have to wake her up.
3. How do you wash their hair when they are sitting up in their tub without pouring water down their face and in to their eyes? I try so hard to lean her head back, but she refuses to keep it there.

Just some questions I frequently have that I thought would be interesting to hear what other moms have to say.

We're looking forward to Kaylors first Halloween!! I went ahead and posted her duck outfit at the top that Josh took of her last week. Too bad she can't really trick-or-treat yet. But maybe Mommy can push her around and enjoy a whole bag of candy for herself :)

Her are some recent pictures:
Rainy Day
Nap time. Kaylor loves her Daddy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Month Pictures

Well, it was time again to get some pictures made. You can't get too many of those. We went over our good friends Alison and Josh's house. It was so fun and it went so smoothly. I love the way Josh takes pictures, very creative and they all have this unique and "homey" feel about them (if thats a word). We also got some pictures of the family and Kaylor in her halloween costume, it was great!
Kaylor is almost crawling. For some reason it is hard for her to stay up on her knees, she just army crawls everywhere. She has two teeth now and getting more active by the day. I will post some of the GREAT pictures from the photo shoot:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 months old, teeth, and scooting!

We had our 6 month check up this past Friday. Everything looked great and I'm just glad it is over with. She was soooo tired plus the 4 Shots she got was not fun at all. Here were her measurements:

Weight: 17 lbs 13 ounces ( 82nd percentile)

Height: 29 inches (off the charts)

The doctor said that she was probably going to be tall (she guessed 5'10'') from how she is growing. I guess you never really know, but we will see!!! :)

Kaylor also got her first tooth about a week ago and it looks like another one is fixing to break through so you can imagine that everything she grabs goes straight in to her mouth. She also likes to scoot/crawl everywhere now. She is not fully on her knees moving around, but just on her stomach and part knees to get places. She will literally do this across a whole room, so she is getting to the crawling stage. I just can't believe how fast all of these 'milestones' come. She is learning to sit, getting teeth, saying da da, moving to the big car seat, eating vegetables, and trying to crawl all in weeks of each other. All of this happens too fast! What happened to the days where I could lay her down and and not worry about her moving anywhere and actually get things done?

They grow too fast!!

Here are some pics in her "big girl" car seat:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Kaylor has been eating vegetables now for about a week. She does pretty good with them. She seems like such an easy going person already and I feel like whatever new things we try with her she just kind of goes with. The first time she tried vegetables she didn't really do much.

She also has graduated to her big car seat. I haven't taken a picture of her in this yet, but she loves to be able to look around and out the windows as I am driving. The only negative I see with this car seat is that everytime we go somewhere and she falls asleep, I have to wake her up to go inside. The old one I could just put in a stroller or inside a cart, but she was squished in that thing and it was time to move up.

This past weekend we had the Boynton family reunion at Fall Creek Falls. It was very relaxing and so fun to see the entire family. This year we didn't camp out like we normally like doing because of Kaylor, but we hope to do it next year and introduce her to the fun of camping.

She has her 6 month checkup on Friday, which means more shots :( So I will update after the appointment.

Eating some carrots:

Sitting in a chair at Fall Creek Falls:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sitting (somewhat) and Da Da!!

Kaylor is doing something new each day. She is now trying to sit on her own!! She will hold herself up for a little while and then start to lean to the side. She gets better and better everyday. She is also saying "Da Da" all the time. She will say it in her bed in the mornings or in the car, and I love it! Now, she doesn't know what it means because that is just some of the first syllables that babies say. But according to Kerry she knows who her dad is, I'll just keep letting him think that is true :)

I bought her the infamous Ducky tub to have during bath time. She LOVES IT!! She gets to sit up and splash around and she is constantly wanting to play in all the water. I now feel like she is out of that little baby stage.

We went to our first wedding this past weekend. I swore I would never do this, but I didn't have a babysitter and I knew she was invited (I know some brides don't want them there, which I understand). But we made it through without a scream or a cry, thank goodness!! I don't think I will do it again though. I was a nervous wreck the entire time. I was just thinking "please don't cry, or scream out da da!! or just make her usual noises".

Here are some pictures of her at the wedding with the bride (congrats Dana!) and in her new tub.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 Interesting Things.....

O.K. So I am continuing what Alison did about saying 6 interesting things about myself. Since our blog is mostly about the milestones of Kaylor I thought I would change it up a bit. So here it is:

1. I can walk on my hands...yes like a gymnast. Now, I have not tried this since I've had a baby, but I used to walk on my hands across a whole gymnasium. I never was a cheerleader (ha!) or a gymnast, but for some reason I can walk on my hands.

2. I debated on mentioning this, but I have so much pride in the fact that I played in the NCAA tournament. Now, I didn't play at a huge DI school or anything (a small one) and that is why I think it was awesome that we were in the tournament with Vandy, Rutgers, and UTC. This happened my junior year in college and it was the best experience that I have ever had in athletics. I love thinking of us playing on national television and people saying "Who is Lipscomb?" Go Bisons!!! :)

3. I have secretly, well not really because my college teammates always told me to do this, wanted to be a news anchor. Yes, I love Holly Thompson's Job! (I see her at Wal-Mart occasionally and look at her and think "what an awesome job you have!") When I was a little girl I would set up a video camera and talk in to it like a newscaster. Now I couldn't imagine not being a teacher, but we always think of that other profession we would like to do.

4. I love technology! I have a knack for fixing computers, televisions, and dvd players. I love messing with it until I fix it. My family always call me (instead of Kerry, hehehehehe!) to come over and look at something that is wrong with their tv or computer. I don't know why I enjoy fixing those things so much, but I do.

5. I have been a front row audience member on the Oprah show, well 2 shows in one day!! My goal for a long time was to go to the Oprah show. So a few years ago my friend Carrie and I flew up to Chicago and went to the show (I did try for many hours to get tickets). Determined to get a good seat, I showed up in a Chicago alley at 5:30 a.m. and Carrie and I were the first ones in line! After fighting our way in with psycho (and I mean psycho) Oprah fans, the Producer called us over and asked us to sit in the front row, which was reserved for guests, for 2 tapings of the show!! It was like the producer knew how much I wanted to do that! We sat next to Oprah's aunt and uncle who were on the show that day and it was awesome!! I almost passed out when Oprah walked out for the first time. We were literally feet in front of her during the whole taping. I did get to say a couple of sentences to her during one commercial break. It was awesome!!

6. I used to work at Starbucks in Green Hills. One summer I stayed in Green Hills and worked at the Starbucks with some of my teammates from college. We had so much fun!! Just never ask me how many calories are in a frappuccino :(

There it is! These girls are next:

Ashley W.
Heather R.
Kristen H.