Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I will miss my Buddie

Yes, it is the longest I have ever gone without blogging, but this summer has been the busiest and craziest summer ever.  On June 22nd, we unexpectedly lost my grandmother Buddie.  It has been very hard on our family because we were all so close.  She went in for OUTPATIENT back surgery to fix a disc in her back around June 17th and a couple of days after surgery we think she went in to cardiac arrest sitting in her bed at the hospital.  Buddie is my grandmother's REAL name and that is what we called her.  When my mom ask Buddie what she wanted her grandchildren to call her she said "Buddie" because she didn't want to have a grandma name.  Buddie was very unique.  She never acted her age, loved gaudy jewelry and cute clothes up until the day she died, and was in the know about everything.  Everytime I went by to visit her and I was wearing shoes that had some kind of jewels on them or a purse she liked, she wanted me to go find some that looked just like it for her.  Just about 3 weeks ago she had me go to a local boutique and buy her those cute stackable bracelets because she saw them on me and my mom and loved them.  She still went and got pedicures, and she had to pick out some crazy bright color for her toe nails everytime.  Her latest color was electric blue and the nurses at the hospital thought it was so funny that she had that color on her toes to be her age and my mom and I would just say "Oh this is so Buddie."  
I played basketball and softball my entire life.  Buddie might of been my number#1 fan.  When I played on a travel softball team growing up we would travel around the country and her and my grandfather would not miss a tournament.  They would travel with me everywhere. (my grandfather passed away in '98).  In college she could rarely make it out to any of my basketball games because her back hurt her so bad to sit in hard chairs, so she bought her a radio to sit next to her couch and she did not miss one second of any of my games.  
   She was such a beautiful person, in fact at the funeral my mom had three men come up to her as we were standing at the burial and tell her how "good looking" Buddie was and that she could "walk the walk" as they said.  (These guys went to high school with Buddie).  I laughed so hard when my mom told me that because I could picture Buddie walking around like she was hot stuff :)  
  I already miss her so much and when I hear the phone ring at my parents house I still think it's Buddie calling to see what we are doing.  I will miss my cell phone ringing and her on the other line asking me to come over and fix her surround sound/tv so that she can hear a ball game that is coming on t.v., I will miss her cute jewelry and outfits, and her love for sonic milkshakes. 
  Buddie we all love you and miss you so much.  Thank you for all the great memories!

Buddie with Kaylor when she was born


~The Taylor Family~ said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I had no idea that she had passed until I talked to Ashley today. She seems like a wonderful lady!

Allison Rader said...

From these pictures Courtney, she was a beautiful lady!! I'm praying for you and your family through this time!!

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